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Might as well write something. A friend of mine told me that if you blog, you have to feel that you want to do it. Guess I’m feeling it now.

Saturday was a Key Club Car Wash in JBHS’ Parking lot. Managed to take shots, as I brought in a camera and it is one’s duty as a historian. Though the president hasn’t told who were the exec members (Historian being one of them), I guess I was the temp yesterday. We washed cars, or course, and it was getting heavy at lunch time. Some of the members advertised at the Track Meet, only to get kicked out. Nevertheless, we finished the wash at around 4:00 P.M., and in it, managed get receive $400 in donations. Now that’s pretty good, since we had to clean those ginormous trucks and SUVs, which were not pretty. The money we got from donations are (mostly) going towards the D-Con stuff, which is coming up in a few weeks. Still haven’t gotten my black dress shirt or white/ivory tie yet. Can’t wait.

Another note, I’ll be going to AX2007 from June 29-July 2, so expect to see pictures up by the middle of July.

I wonder what it takes to get a blog popular.

*Acheivements This Week*
Finished research paper for AP Euro
Found City Hunter (Live Action w/ Jackie Chan, Mandarin Version, sadly)
Bowled 2nd 100+ game (First time when I was 10)


AX2006 Pics Online!

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All the shots from me at Anime Expo 2006 in Anaheim has been uploaded. Click here for the whole set.

Back in Black!!!

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I dunno, I feel like I should be using the blogs more often. Oh well, no one really goes for these things. AX pics will come in time. Nighty night.

Laziness = Win

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Earlier this month, I went to Anime Expo 2006. This was my second time at AX, one being in 2004, and I got more into anime that I spend 80 bucks at one time. It was an anime DVD, a few manga, and a DDRMAX2 CD. God knows where that CD is now.

Well, since in 04′ I only went for one day, I went with my cousin this time and attended the whole four days. The only condition was that I had to take shots of him for most of the time. First day was pretty hectic, second day went more ballistic, third day would be the best, and day four was short but sweet. All different days, and for all the days excluding Day 4, free food. More pictures coming your way soon.

New Stuff…

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Three things:

1. Nintendo Revolution turns into Wii. http://revolution.ign.com/articles/703/703502p1.html

2. World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. Redone, Live-Action!

3. Died and have a MySpace? Here’s your obituary.

Yamato’s Guide to Blogging.

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Ay. It’s a mess.

There should be about 1 billion people that have the internet. Over 50-75 million, maybe more, are into something that’s now the latest craze in the cyber world. The name is blogging, and it’s basically an online journal, which is helped by the use of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds. The site with the most attention in the blogging world? MySpace. Now owned by Rupert Murdoch of News Corp., MySpace has gone to high ends. Over 35 million people have joined. Though this is a blog, it is also a place to make friends, edit with a new page layout, talk with musicians (if you go independent, at least), and meet people that go to the same school. But, as you heard of the news, there’s consequences as you go into the wrong places. It’s mostly on MySpace by many, but it can be found on Xangas, LiveJournals, and many others. Here are some consequences that might happen if you say you’re gonna do something like, uh, i don’t know, gas the school?

1. Suspension/Expulsion if most serious
2. Grounded by parents
3. In some cases, lawsuit

Here is my theory on how people like principals, family members, and others can catch you:
1. Using your real name: Pretty obvious. That’s the one thing you don’t ever want to do. Unless you really want to show it to the world, it’s perfect to not.
2. Comment Box: You’re using your username to try and prevent people from knowing your true identity. But there’s always something that can bypass it. A friend might know your name, and post it in the comments. That’s not pretty risky though, as there’s many people with the same name.
3. Pictures of yourself: Same as 1. Only thing is it’s better to do something other than taking shots at yourself. If you want more kinds that make it a reason not to put it, go to myspaceisgay.com. Funny yet sad.
4. Name of School: That reduces to the number of students at the school. Just like all of this except 2 (unless the commented friend has a profile pic of himself), it can be a big hint. All the principal or staff needs is the IP address by trying to get it from the hosted of the blog.

Now, if you want to help increase your chances to remain anonymous, here are some ways:
1. Use a pseudonym and don’t give out big details. This is said at EFF, so I’m saying the saying the same thing here. Make the Pseudonym to be something not related to your name, like spelling it backwards. If you say that you go to a university in Las Vegas, it would point directly to UNLV unless there’s another university in LV. Change Las Vegas to Nevada, and that might help.
2. For a profile picture, add something that won’t show your face but your personality instead. It gives you an increased chance to meet friends that are like you, which could cause a chain reaction in the process.

More later.

Oh man.

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Boy, did I get some laughs. At photo class yesterday, it was the first day of color printing. I thought that I did everything right, until I saw the print come out. What I thought was the Kodak paper turned out to be cardboard. That triggered my teacher to say one of his lines, “Who’s the Idiot?”. Besides that, I went on to his S— List for not putting back the filters as well. I was in a rush, and today, while color printing, I managed to put them back, but suffered a tardy from my health teacher. Well, it was just being late without any penaties, since the distance between the photo room and the bungalow leading to my health classroom, is far away. Today, I get to leave at two as a result of open house, but I stayed at the school in order to print again. My first print this morning was scratched up on the top, so I used another negative. The result after 2 hours of work on one print? Perfect. I mean, there’s barely visible scratch marks and small parts of dust, but the color and exposure time was perfect! Yatta! Anyway, here’s that shot. This is a computer-modified shot, to get off some of the dust.

Final Snail Shot